DFW Remote Base Association
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Repeater Info
The KM5R repeaters host the DFW YL Net
442.225 - Ft. Worth
Tone 110.9 Hz

442.325 - Dallas
Tone 127.3 Hz

The DFW YL net meets weekly on Monday at 8PM
Both repeaters were built out of GE UHF equipment
442.225 Repeater Work

Here is an example of a very hot day working on top of a tower installing antennas.

The 442.225 repeater uses a Decibel Products DB-410, fed with 7/8 inch heliax transmission line.

The height is approximately 150 feet above the ground.
The YL NTX Weekly Net meets weekly on Mondays at 8pm. The main repeater is 442.325 (127.3 tone). If you are in Fort Worth and have trouble reaching the main repeater please try the 442.225 (110 tone.) Both repeaters have a positive offset. 
Photo by N5CN
442.325 Repeater Equipment  (left)

The 442.325 KM5R repeater is co-located with the 146.82 repeater in Dallas.

The repeater is a 75 Watt UHF General Electric Mastr II Base Station.

The repeater controller is a CAT-100.
Photo by N5UN