DFW Remote Base Association
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Repeater Info
The 442.975 repeater is always connected to the 29.66 repeater
442.975 - Ft. Worth
Tone 110.9 Hz

444.675 - Richardson
Tone 110.9 Hz

The 444.675 repeater has a 10 meter Radius Remote Base (steerable)
The 444.675 repeater has a full duplex link to a remote site system
444.675 Repeater

This Motorola repeater was highly modified by Chuck Adams, N5UN, for Amateur Radio Service for this project and includes both a Motorola Radius 10 meter remote base, as well as a full duplex link to a remote site where additional remote base radios are connected.
All Richardson Wireless Klub (K5RWK) members as well as all licensed stations are welcome to use this system.

Jan. 2017:  The 444.675 receiver was repaired, and is fully functional again.  Thanks to Chuck, N5UN.

Photo by N5UN
29 MHz (10 meter) Remote Base
This Motorola Radius 29 Mhz radio is directly connected throught the SCOM 7330 444.675 MHz repeater controller.

It is programmed with 29.30, 29.50, 29.56, 29.60, 29.62, 29.64, and 29.68 MHz frequencies, and is steerable from the 444.675 repeater.

RF power out is approximately 50 Watts.
Photo by N5UN