DFW Remote Base Association
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Repeater Info
The 29.66 repeater can usually be accessed with no tone.
29.66 MHz FM
HF Repeater

The input frequency is 29.56 MHz and the access tone is 192.8 Hz.
The 442.975 N5UA Ft. Worth repeater is always connected and linked.

The DFW RBA welcomes you to the 29.66 repeater in Dallas - Ft. Worth.

This repeater and other connected repeaters were designed to further the enjoyment of the 29MHz 10 meter FM band segment.  The 442.975 N5UA repeater (110.9 Hz) is always connected.

The DFW RBA designs, installs, and maintains these systems at costs incurred by the owners.

The repeater is open to groundwave (or local) stations, as well as the popular use of the band when it opens to countries around the world (skywave).

The primary charter of the DFW RBA is to maintain this system including all of the ancillary equipment required to support it.

To date, there are 4 UHF repeaters in the DFW area that can dial their remote base stations to this repeater.

The W5DFW UHF repeaters are 424.975 - 156.7 Hz, and 443.175 - 100.0 Hz receive only.  The latter has FT-857D and FT-100D remote bases attached via an SCOM 7330 controller.

Jan. 2017:  The 29.56 MHz receiver, power supply and UHF link transmitter have been repaired and reinstalled.  The blower motor on the 29.66 transmitter PA failed and was replaced.